What They’re Saying

They loved him!

“Jim Braude is a star! He has been a terrific moderator and speaker at our annual state of the state of health care signature event, understands complex issues, is funny and gets panelists talking like no one else can … which is why we invite him back year after year.”Mass Medical Society

“Fast-talking, fair, well-informed, and funny – and willing to cut a bloviating guest off in mid-sentence – Braude has made Broadside a regular stop for political hopefuls and a must-watch for political junkies.”Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe

“Last week, Jim Braude hosted a great series of debates with the candidates for auditor, treasurer and attorney general…Braude, despite very liberal leanings, is an outstanding and fair debate moderator.”Garrett Quinn, Boston.com

“The sharpest mind on local TV…picture Charlie Rose’s trademark thoughtful table talks, only with a flair for deadpan and none of those insufferably long-winded questions…that’s what NECN viewers get with Jim Braude.”Boston Magazine

“He’s witty, lightning quick and an equal opportunity critic…Braude’s program is the most entertaining and informative talk show in Boston, whatever the medium.”Boston Phoenix, naming Jim best talk show host in Boston

“Your superb moderating skills were on full display as you spiced up the voting analysis with your special brand of wit and wisdom. You were certainly the star of the evening.”John Shattuck, CEO, Kennedy Library

“Guests had uninformly positive things to say about your candor, insights and humor.”Deposit Insurance Fund

They hated him!

“EVIL GENIUS!” Mass High Tech Council magazine headline

“Potential Disaster”

Worcester Sunday Telegram

They flip-flopped on him!

“Hated you in the 80’s, tolerated you in the 90’s, love you in the ’00’s…”Radio Listener

“If the presidents of the United States and Russia can go joy-riding together, and if Hanoi can become the new “in” tourist destination, I suppose anything is possible. So why are we surprised to see, in CommonWealth’s profile of Jim Braude how the former firebrand radical has transformed himself into a respected talk-show host? In business circles not long ago, a positive article on Braude would have been met with a demand for a retraction.

I have to admit that today I not only have come to appreciate this old nemesis but have actually grown to like him. While I still do not embrace most of his political beliefs, I share the profile’s observations about him: that whether as a poverty lawyer, community activist, city councilor, or multimedia host, we are a richer community for having Jim Braude in our midst.”Robert K. Sheridan, President, SBLI

and They, well, read for yourself…

“I strongly support Jim’s candidacy [for the Cambridge City Council], because I believe in the policy of containment. Keep him in Cambridge and the state’s other 350 cities and towns are safe.”Barbara Anderson, Exec Director, Citizens for Limited Taxation

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